What You're Getting

A stylised, colourful, slightly wacky, illustration of your face. Or someone else's face. "Someone else" might even be a beloved animal. Have a look at some of my other portraits: if they're not your thing: you have been warned. ;)

What You Need To Give Me

Reference images

The more pictures you send me, and the more varied the angles, the easier it is for me to make sure I get a good likeness. Five pictures is good, but don't be shy about sending more (like, LOTS more). 

Please, no fewer than three photos.

Pictures that the recipient of the portrait likes

This is important if you're commissioning a portrait of someone else as a gift: try to send pictures of them that they like. That makes it more likely they'll end up with a portrait they like. And it's nice when people like what they get. :)

Facebook profile pictures are pretty convenient

People pick them because they like them, and usually they have a few of them. Grab some of their latest ones from the site (both site and app have download buttons) and send 'em over.

How long does it take?

Three to four weeks from the day I accept the order, excluding delivery time for physical products. I might be able to get it out sooner, but I'll let you know if there's a longer waiting time involved for whatever reason.

Some General Info

Will you make it look like a specific image I sent you?

Not necessarily. I'm painting a portrait, but also a bit of a caricature by styling it, and for that I need a little bit of room to play in. Still, I'm not saying it won't, either. :)

I'm not in South Africa, but I'd like a portrait.

Please visit the store page here. I *can* have work shipped to most countries, but unless I find a better shipping service the cost will be (I think needlessly) expensive. Until I find one, or if you can recommend one, I recommend you select the digital product and have it printed locally.

Why doesn't your store page let me pay in Rand?

The store page works with PayPal, which sadly doesn't support South African Rand directly.

Will you be posting my pportrait online?

I'd like to be able to, but only with express permission from you, and then only on the platforms (Facebook, Instagram, this website, etc.) you specify.

I'll send you an email asking for permission when I've finished the painting, but you're under absolutely no obligation to grant it if it makes you'd rather not. It's merely a tool to help me get more work in.

What are you going to do with the reference pictures when you're done with the portrait?

Deleting them. :) It feels oddly invasive storing other people's pictures.

What if I don't like the final painting?

To avoid that, please take look at my other portraits before you place your order, because your painting will be in a similar style. In the end, if you don't like it because I made you look strange: that's what you signed up for (and we're all a little strange).

If you don't like the finished product because you feel it depicts the subject negatively in a serious or offensive way: please get in touch. This is a face you care about, so I care about it too.

So what's all this about?

Portrait Please is a project to help me visit and take care of my family.

In the middle of February my dad got diagnosed with cancer. With treatment coming in, he won't be able to work a while, and I'd like to make sure my folks are taken care of. I'd also like to spend as much time as I possibly can with them which involves travel costs, and perhaps to move back home if necessary, but for that I need to earn some extra money.

So, to help me help them: glorious, colourful portraits! I adore faces and bright colours, and in the spirit of loving I'm offering to render a face (or faces) you love. Did I mention these things are colourful? 


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082 946 9205

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